How to walk like a leader

Everything you project to the world is developed consciously or subconsciously. The fact that you can train yourself to do certain behaviours subconsciously means that you can really wield your mind and use it to your advantage.

There is no better example of this than walking. How you walk can really make a difference to how you feel about yourself. People walk with their head down when they are in thought, or slouch if they feel upset. So in these cases, your mental frame of mind has affected your physical. Like I say a lot, your physical state affects your mental state. So, when you walk as if you have a purpose, then you feel strong and begin to walk like a leader. Like nothing can stop you.

This also has the added side effect that you will look like a person with intent and people will respect you for that.

I’ve compiled a checklist for you to make sure that you’re walking like you mean business! This is what I go through in my mind when I sometimes find myself slouching slightly. I usually keep a mental checklist of these points but you can easily write them down:

Face full of purpose

Firstly, you need to believe that you have a purpose in life, which you do. Like you belong in this world and are unapologetic about it, like the mountains that stand tall. You want to relax your face by exhaling, have a very slight smile and enjoy your walk.

Check the head

Make sure that your head is upright and looking forward toward your destination. The chin should be parallel to the ground.

Ground yourself!

Relaxing your shoulders so they’re being pushed down by gravity will help ground you, don’t forcefully do this as it’s supposed to feel comfortable. Slightly push your chest out, again this should feel natural and comfortable, you don’t want to put a strain on your lower back.

Straight spine

Your spine needs to be straight and aligned, so that means no hunched backs! It also helps if you push your head to the sky, it’ll help straighten that spine out.

Sure footed

With every step that you take, you want to feel like you are planting it down and making your mark. Be sure of yourself and you become a leader in your own mind. Own each step as if each step you are marking down your legacy.

Be you and be natural

Above all, keep in mind that, although you may find that you will feel slightly uncomfortable in the beginning (depending on how differently you walk), if you start to feel any pains, stop doing it because you may not be executing it correctly, it’s probably best to talk to your physio or book an osteopathy appointment.

Although, this may all seem a little over the top, it starts the process of ultimate self belief, because if you don’t believe in yourself, who will? Your internal dialogue will go from self defeating to self uplifting.