5 steps to help you develop a powerful inner core

Developing a strong mental mind frame isn’t an easy task, but it isn’t as daunting to start off than you would think. People can be happy living in a life that has no purpose or direction and if that’s what makes you happy, then there nothing anyone can say to you! Sure, having a rough aim and guide to your career path is great, but what about the other aspects of your life? What about your principles and what you stand for? Most people accept their viewpoints from what is being forced down our throats by others.

It’s time to take back control of your life about and become a powerful individual, something that is overlooked.

1) Listen to your internal dialog

I’ve thought about this for a little while and when I remember starting on my journey. The first thing I’d make sure was right, was how I thought. I ask myself, how is this situation making me feel? Am I jealous? Angry? Indifferent?

Is your internal monologue more self defeating or self uplifting? Even starting to become more aware of this will help you understand your behaviours more. From gaining awareness of it you can change it.

2) Do one thing that gets you one step closer to your goal everyday

Everyday I aim to do some things big or small that gets me one step closer to my goal. That could be preparing a blog post, or researching investment topics. After I do this, I feel great, like I am accomplishing something.

It is the small things we do that will add up in the end that will be the difference between you getting to your target and not getting it.

3) Treat yourself like you would your best friend

This is so important and overlooked really easily. I know because even without realising, I piled on the pressure for myself and wouldn’t let myself have a well deserved rest because I didn’t feel like I could. It’s important to congratulate yourself and tell yourself, “you did well today”.

Do you give yourself a pat on the back whenever you’ve achieved something? They can be big or small. Victories don’t have to be gigantic. Make sure you treat yourself how you would your best friend! You wouldn’t beat your friend down if he made achieved mistake. So why are you doing it to yourself?

4) Practice detachment

This is a more challenging step, but something that is very rewarding if done correctly.This may seem contradictory, but actually, the act of doing should be the focus, not the end goal. Sure, we set a goal but from then on, you focus on the steps involved to get there.. not the end goal. It is the now when we are alive and we should focus on that more often 🙂

By doing this we don’t worry about the outcome. We don’t become attached to whether we succeed or fail. Other forms of detachment can go much deeper, but I will talk about that more in a later post!

4) Imagine your best version of yourself

Do you ever imagine how your greatest self is? Do you ever imagine a character in history or the films and think, I can be that person. Imagine yourself as that strong character and how you would deal with issues great or small. By visualising your best self, you actually become it.

Above all, is discipline, (I know I said 5!), but without discipline, it’s no easy task to develop a strong inner core. A core that allows you to be yourself wherever you go. A core that allows you to not put on a mask and pretend to be somebody you’re not. Real before everything and it starts with discipline!