Why I choose progression over perfection!

To perfect or not to perfect?

Perfection is an idea. The idea of ‘perfection’ in my mind is most likely different to what perfection in your own mind is, which means, it must be subjective as with most things in life. So when we say we are ‘perfectionists’ or wanting something to be perfect, we want it to be it’s most ideal case. This idealistic view can be motivating, and it can also be very dangerous to our productivity. Think about it, when we start at the bottom of the mountain and look up, we see a mammoth task ahead of us. Now, imagine that perfection personifies the mountain. The mountain is an ever growing one, which means we will never reach it no matter how high we go up, because we will always see the flaw in our idea or creation. When we compare what we have with our idealistic view, or perfectionist state, it causes us to get frustrated and confused. Worse still, it can even paralyse us because we feel so inadequate, even though what we have actually done is excellent.

Progress over perfection

The idea that progression is the way forward is much better for our psychology and well being. That’s because, we are focusing on our improvement and that excites us and motivates us. How many times in your life have you felt extremely happy that you accomplished something, however minor it may seem, like tidying up your house, or getting that raise. This is very true to when we apply it to our goals, as long as we are going one step closer to our goals and seeking progression toward them, we are living our dream. This helps us live in the moment and not in the future, which is what the idea of perfection does.

The idea of living now means that you are truly living your life to the fullest, you are able to sense all the small things that you wouldn’t have noticed before.

Progress with high standards!

Not being a perfectionist does not mean that we still do not have high standards for our goals and dreams. We still make sure that we are doing our work to the best of our ability, and to the standards that WE set. It keeps us much more motivated to consistently hit our standards, and continue our excellent work.

The key is to practice being in the moment, and having presence now, coupled with discipline and routine, we can achieve tremendous things with these powerful forces.

The other thing I love about progression is that, although it is a never ending task, it means that you will always be improving, while living in the moment. This does wonders for your well being, and mental attitude. It’s a much more positive way of living. This is why I choose to focus on progress over perfection 🙂 What do you think? What are your thoughts on this matter? I’d love to hear them.