Welcome to my blog!

Thanks for stopping by, I hope that you learn a thing or two while you’re here and that you may teach me a thing or two as well. So, a little about me, my name is Fayeez and I want to embark on an exciting journey. I want to find my boundaries and cross them to see how far I can go. I don’t feel very comfortable with the standard life that the world seems to impose on us and I certainly don’t feel like I should be categorised in a particular class forever. I want to explore my passions, while inspiring others to do the same!

I started this blog because over the last few years, I’ve undergone a lot of personal change. I’ve become mentally stronger and I want to help you guys too, to realise that you too can change your circumstances by changing your attitude to life. Instead of being motivational, which I would like to be too, I want to offer practical help so that you don’t feel overtly lost when trying to implement these things for yourself. I hope that you stick with this journey of self improvement because I feel the world can be a huge distraction. I have found that it is important to help yourself first before you can help someone else.

Thank you and let’s go get it!


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